About ECOMIND Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set & LA FABRIK À BULLES Solid Dishwashing

About Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set by ECOMIND ITALIA 

Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set (6 pieces)

This Bamboo Cutlery travel set is the best sustainable and plastic-free solution to enjoy a meal or picnic outdoors or at home, without fouling the planet.

It contains : Bamboo fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, straw and straw brush, in a nice resealable cotton pouch that you can carry in every bags.

Products Composition
FSC certificates: ethically and sustainably produced. The button on the case is also in FSC Bamboo. Cotton used for the pouch has been grown without the use of chemicals.

After using your bamboo cutlery, take a small amount of the dishwashing solid with a damp sponge/brush/towel, clean your cutlery, rinse them with a little water and store in the beautiful resealable pouch, ready to be used again and again!

About Solid Dishwashing by LA FABRIK À BULLES

Solid Dishwashing 100g

How do you wash your dishes properly? By adopting this alternative to washing-up liquid: this solid dishwashing cleans, degreases and disinfects effectively (thanks to lemon essential oil), while being an environmentally-friendly solution that is plastic-free, zero waste and very economical (it lasts between 3 and 4 months!).
Not only you can use it for your bamboo cutlery, but also for your everyday washing-up at home. Made with a plant-based surfactant, organic vinegar and organic lemon. Easy to take everywhere with the compact travel box (diam. 7.5cm).
Can be used with both hot and cold water, for the same effectiveness.

30% and more of anionic surfactants, vinegar*, lemon essential oil*. INCI: Sodium coco sulphate, ACETUM*, limonene**, citral**.
*from organic farming
** naturally present in essential oils