Woman Shaving Balm Refill

Woman Shaving Balm Refill

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KAL SA KA Woman Shaving Balm Refill 

This shaving soap is made using the classic cold mixing process (for more nourishing soaps), filled directly into cans, stamped and labeled. They are allowed to mature in peace for at least four weeks before delivery. Moisturizing with 5%. It is the natural and ecological alternative to your usual shaving foam or gel and it will last longer.
This is the refill to put in the tin.
Vegan and palm oil free

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I love the concept: finally a store that finds us original products that we can group together in one order. And as we have to be very careful with our planet, the products are perfectly adapted because they are all environmentally friendly.

Robert P.

I really like the extra tips on how to use the products. The combinations are really well done, we appreciate the different routines and all the information!

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Excellent service, the advisor team responds quickly to requests and is very efficient. I am really happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to use it. Thanks Luxmarter!

Farid G.

What I really like about Luxmarter is
the vast selection of products that you can't find anywhere else. I can order all my favorite products and receive them in a single package. And the little extra: delivery is super fast!

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