About the Soap Pouch by ALICE ET JEANNE

Easily carry your soaps with this pretty coated cotton pouch, which makes it waterproof and nomadic to accompany you everywhere. 11x11cm.

It exists in 2 timeless patterns that will easily fit in all your luggage:

Océane is a very graphic and timeless traditional Japanese navy pattern.

The Léontine pattern is a timeless, soft and delicate pattern. These shades of old rose and ocher offer a slightly retro bouquet that we love and never get tired of. Wash in cold water. No dryer.

About the 2 Mini Soaps by THE NATURAL SPA COSMETICS

Small bars of natural soap, perfect for taking with you. The perfect size to take both if you can't decide on just one fragrance!
An ideal gift for soap lovers.

Each soap weights at least 15g. Vegan and Palm Free. 0% Plastic. Gentle on your skin. SLS Free. Paraben and detergent free.

Here are the wonderful scents available: (in packs of 2)

- Mulled Wine : Cinnamon and Juniper balanced out by Sweet Clementine
- Woodland Daydream : Scent A rich woodlandy smell with claming undertones ideal to use before rest, subtle notes of petitgrain and sandalwood help to lighten the heavier scent of Pine. Enveloped with a deep and rich tone from the Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil.
- Lavender Verbena : This blend gives you that classic lavender scent with a warm citrusy undertone whilst remaining very fresh.  
- Lemon Sorbet : Scent Sweet Top notes of fruity lemongrass, mellowed by fresh lemon
- Into the Night : Scent Cooling Eucalyptus and Tea tree, to help you feel fresh and ready for your day.
- Citrus Blossom : Scent Musky Citrus Base with sweet tones of Lemongrass and Orange
- Wildflower Wisp : Scent With exotic but earthly tones of grapefruit partnered with a floral calming tone of wild lavender perfectly carried by sweet and fresh overtones of rose
- Matcha Mysteries : Scent A Crisp Peppermint smell mellowed out by a smooth calming lavender, enriched with Matcha green tea powder.